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Back in the Game

16 Aug

After my recent blogging — and dating — hiatus, I think it’s finally time to get back in the game. I have sufficiently reflected on my most recent relationship and determined that I did nothing wrong what I could do differently in the future. I revamped my profile, renewed my subscription, and set off winking like there’s no tomorrow.


Side note: I seriously considered canceling my subscription. Financial constraints added to sheer frustration at the level of douche-baggery in the DFW metro made me a non-believer. However, Match knows what’s up. Upon canceling, they ask your motivation behind terminating. After I checked the box that said, “I cannot afford a Match subscription at this time,” they seduced me with a half-off offer. Clearly, I took the bait and here we find ourselves.


After a good four-month leave of absence, I’m not sure what I was expecting. Would the same men be on there? Has the game changed? Is my “failed Match relationship” status transparent? Most nerve-racking, would he be back, too? (I promise, I’ll write about that. I need to get over my paranoia first. And I need to give him a name. Reverend Green, like in Clue.)


So, here I am. Casually on a Thursday night just clicking and winking and perusing the merchandise, when I stumble upon a profile that looks enticing. Age appropriate, solid job, advanced degree from a reputable institution, etc. I’ll fess up; I clicked. The minute I did, regret washed over me.
No, his profile was not a lie. He does have a solid job and an advanced degree from a reputable institution. He is in my appropriate age bracket, too. Actually, he’s a great guy, a lot of fun to hang around, and a really good friend. How do I know this? He’s Rev. Green’s college buddy and fraternity brother.


This wouldn’t be that bad if Match operated like other social media sites. Unfortunately, Match decided to throw people under the bus do their users a favor by notifying members of everyone who views their profile. Bottom line: Professor Plum (Green’s pal, obviously) would know that I found him. And now I’m stuck. I can’t take it back. I can’t “wink” at him because that seems like I didn’t realize it was him. I can’t try to play it off like I didn’t realize it was him because, really?


Instead, I sent an email that just said, “Oh, hey Plum,” as my cheeks turned me into Miss Scarlet.