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Too Good Not to Share

20 Nov

As I’m sure everyone can imagine, emails from Match losers suitors can be…entertaining. To be fair, some are endearing and sweet and have resulted in actually enjoyable dates. Others, however, are just plain frightening. You can decide for yourselves into which category the following email falls. I have no further explanation for this one, except that I did not respond.

Hello Gorgeous,

I would really like to know you a little better and perhaps maybe have some lunch or a drink. I’ll start off with a little about me first. I am 40 yrs of age, smart, funny and nice to look at I think. I just moved from Chicago, IL. I am a professional in the brokerage industry, work out, play tennis, love live music, steak dinners and margaritas. I’m also 5-10, have a nicely toned and tanned body and great smile. I’m very attentive to my lovers needs. I hope you are interested so far and if you are I can send you a picture. I hope to talk to you soon. Text me at 555-867-5309 and I will send you pictures and we can text!