I saw “The Vow.” I cried. I joined Match.com.

I am a single female in my early 20s who just relocated to a large city. I recently graduated from a midwestern university and I got a job working in an industry completely opposite my major. The majority of my friends are married or attached and lack adequate friends with whom they could set me up. Being an independent woman, I took matters into my own hands. I made my profile on a Sunday evening and by Monday I had a date scheduled for Wednesday. It really was that easy.

Here, you will find stories of dates I’ve been on, emails I’ve received or sent, and other dating stories that might not have originated on the internet. But I do want to get one major point across: I am sure all of the men I will discuss are perfectly lovely in whatever capacity in which someone might know them. If someone mentioned here sounds like your best friend’s uncle’s girlfriend’s mother’s boyfriend who you saw at 31 Flavors last night, please do not take the comments made in this capacity for the Holy Gospel. It just means we weren’t a good match.


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